Quasi periodic tiling and related topicsQuasi periodic tiling and related topics

Followed by the one held last year under the same title, a short term cooperative research at Research Institute for Mathematical Science (RIMS), organized by Shunji Ito and Shigeki Akiyama will take place on 3-6 June, 2002. Anyone interested are welcome.

Japanese Version

Mon. 3

13:30-14:20Jun'ichi Tamura
Simultaneous diophantine approximation related to a field Q(D1/s)
14:30-15:20Kuniko Sakamoto ( Tsukuba Univ. )
On symbolic dynamics of sequences with 2 or 3 symbols and geodesics on closed surfaces
15:30-16:20Yoji Akama ( Tohoku Univ. )
Fine metric and Walsh-functions associated to the beta-expansion

Tue. 4

9:30-10:20Shunji Ito ( Tsuda College )
Tilings from Pisot unit substitution
10:30-11:10Hiromi Ei ( Tsuda College )
Some properties of invertible substitutions of rank d
11:20-12:00Hui Rao ( Wuhan Univ. )
Pisot substitution and Coincidence condition
14:00-15:30Tohru Ogawa ( FAIS Foundation )
Geometry of quasi-periodic structures: several trials
15:40-16:30Izumi Takeuchi ( Toho Univ. )
Topological and measure theoretical properties of finite state omega language
16:40-17:30Kazushi Komatsu ( Kochi Univ. )
Isomorphic classes of quasi-periodic tilings by the projection method

Wed. 5

9:30-10:20Tetsuro Kamae ( Osaka City Univ. )
Quasi-periodicity and maximal pattern complexity
10:30-12:00Jun Morita ( Tsukuba Univ. )
Algebraic view on quasicrystals
14:00- 14:50Takashi Odagaki ( Kyushu Univ. )
Self similar transforms and parallel symmetry
15:00- 15:50Koichiro Naito ( Kumamoto Univ. )
Gaps in recursive dimensions of three period quasi-periodic orbits
16:00- 16:50 Komajiro Niizeki ( Tohoku Univ. )
A Classification of Two-Dimensional Quasilattices
into Mutual Local-Derivability Classes

Thu. 6

9:30-10:20Shigeki Akiyama ( Niigata Univ. )
Methods of topological classification of number theoretical tilings
10:30- 11:20 Nertila Gjini ( Tirana Univ. )
Connectedness of self affine tilings attached to number system
11:30-12:00Problem Session

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